Not only is the plant based food at Moksa, Bali, incredibly delicious, but it gets brought to you on unusual and beautiful hand made vessels. 

This palm sized bowl used for serving mouth sized morsels is a full expression of clay: demonstrating a perfectly thrown curve, a sharp cut edge, and the rough quality of the raw, torn material. 

To allow this concept to be developed into a building, where the materials the building are made from are explored and expressed in all their forms and qualities: with a heavy monolithic structure at one moment being worked smooth and gently curved, and in the next left ragged stating ‘I am stone!’ 


Living in Ubud, Bali, has given me time to draw again…and subjects other than Architecture! For the last few months I have been going weekly to a life drawing class held in a gallery run by a local artist, Pranoto. 

The classes are a wonderful mix of seasoned and practiced artists, total beginners and everything in between. Models vary from european woman modelling nude, to Balinese men and woman in traditional clothing. 

Largely I have been drawing in charcoal, conte and pencil on paper, but with some ventures into aquarelle pencil and paintbrush.

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